A Handful of Pearls novel, 2022. Available from me! Or any independent bookstore,, Barnes & Noble, and

Dash Literary Journal (USC-Fullerton), 2022. Short story “Online Book Club”

Pure Slush’s journal on cows! “Kitchen Cow” about the cow sink strainer

Pure Slush’s Lifespan series: Vol. 5, Work. Poem “Civil Engineers”

  • Poems in Pure Slush’s Lifespan series: “Beginning a Book,” “My Friend’s Pond,” and short story “Napkins: A Love Story”

  • To Know Her novel, 2021. Available at your indie bookstore as well as online.
  • “From Spa to Topless Beach” at, Winter 2021 issue

  • “My Mother’s Funeral” Poem on the 2021 Wisconsin Fellowship of Poets desk calendar available at Click on Store.