Pure Slush’s Lifespan series: “Cohabitation” 2024.

Deserving of Murder novel, 2024.

Water the Color of Slate novel, 2023.

Choeofplerin Press “Snorkeling in the Street” March 2023 issue

Military Experience and the Arts, “Four Wars” Nominated for the Pushcart Prize

Hannah’s Eyes middle-grade novel, 2023.

A Handful of Pearls novel, 2022.

Dash Literary Journal (USC-Fullerton), 2022. Short story “Online Book Club”

Pure Slush‘s journal on cows! “Kitchen Cow” about the cow sink strainer

Pure Slush‘s Lifespan series: Vol. 5, Work. Poem “Civil Engineers”

Poems in Pure Slush‘s Lifespan series: “Beginning a Book,” “My Friend’s Pond,” and short story “Napkins: A Love Story”

To Know Her 2021.