Hannah’s Eyes: Discussion Questions

1.  When you hear the title Hannah’s Eyes, what do you think the book will be about?

2.  Look at the front cover and guess what the book might be about?  What hints did you see that helped you?

3.  Why do you think Hannah’s grandfather is so grumpy?  Why does Hannah think he’s grumpy?

4.  Hannah has a brother, Jeremy, but we don’t see him much.  Why do you think the author added Jeremy into the story?

5.  Sometimes boys think and act differently than girls.  How would the story be different if Hannah were a boy?

6.  Who would you take with you on an adventure like Hannah’s?  Why would you take that person?

7.  What would you take with you into the world Hannah visits?

8.  What clues were in the story that seemed to show that Hannah’s Grumpa was part of the other world she visited?

9.  If or when Hannah goes back, what do you think she’ll find?  Will things be different?  How?  Why?

10.  Research what a real prosthetic eye looks like.  [Prosthetic means it’s something made to replace a missing part of a body, like an arm or eye.]  What surprised you about what you found?